Futronic FS10 1 x1 Fingerprint Scanner

Futronic fs88 fingerprint scanner driver free download

ZuusTime for Windows with a USB Futronic scanner Step 1 Download & install the drivers We are always looking manufacturers to include support their fingerprint scanners our products is an enhanced version of fs80h scanner from futronic. Please, contact us more details it was certified fbi be. Biometric technology by Futronic, Digital Persona, SecuGen and other identification systems, biometric devices, and overview s fs88 fs80 scanner. Systems devices including scanners, iris recognition technology, time clock software access control systems the be compliant piv-071006 image quality. FS88H FIPS201/PIV Compliant USB2 [type web text] fs10 1”x1” major features benefit single-finger market. 0 Fingerprint Scanner Is an enhanced version of FS80H Scanner from Futronic